New London Stations

Jammin 107.7

Jammin 107.7 plays today's hottest music. The Jammin 107.7 Programming Team is constantly conducting music studies and reasearch to ensure that we are playing the music that our listeners want to hear.

Soft Rock 106.5

Soft Rock 106.5 is a Soft Rock "Adult Contemporary" radio station.

94.9 News Now

You've counted on CBS Radio News for compleate coverage of the top stories and breaking news. Now you can listen to the most up to date news on the radio every hour on the all new 94.9 WJJF.

US Country 99.5

U.S Country 99.5's Hot Country format has mass appeal with audiences ranging from 18-24 years of age. U.S Country 99.5 provides music, entertainment and news with an upbeat "Hot, Fresh and Fun" presentation! We are consistently conducting music studies to make sure we are playing the music that our listeners what to hear. Grow your business today with New London County's "Hot Country", U.S Country 99.5.